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six shuttles circular loom

Type: SBY-1500*6E

Revolutions  1085rpm/min

Variable frequency control

Power of main motor  5.5kW

Shuttles  6

Track width 110mm 

(The face of the track is plated with hard chromium.)

Knit width(producing width):1000mm-1500mm

Density of weft  32—64 pieces/100mm

(through changing gears to change density of weft)

Producing speed48.5m-97m/h

Manner of statistics length  Count tool of machinery three shifts.

 (Number of warp) Max 1920 pieces

Warp diameter  120mm Maxφ120mm

Weft diameter90mm  Max φ90mm

Warp broken control 

( when warp breaks it can stop voluntarily)

Weft broken control (Automatic control system of weft-broken and weft-end)

Lubricating style:The cam has forced circulating lubrication .(Lubricating oil deals with precipitation and filter of oil box)

Oil route protection

(It can stop automatically if the oil route has jam.)

Type of yarn plate  φ38×230 or φ38×270

Involution electrical machine)electric machine 15kg.cm 2set

Involution width Max 1500mm

double cutting and double involving

Involution diameter  Max φ1100mm

Outline size:   (L)16m×(W)3.2m×(H)3.2m

Weight: about  5t